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Tastiest Morning Drink

Your NEW 1-Minute Habit!

What Is It? Open refrigerator, pour in a glass & drink! Done in 1 minute!

This health drink… begins at our own sunny 7.5 acres Aloe Vera farm. Juiciest Aloe Vera leaves are cut and crafted into drink form within 6 hours of harvest to protect all that aloe is known for… lab tested for full aloe nutrient content and shipped straight to your door anywhere in USA ….

all diligent hard work done – so you can start an easy 1-minute tasty habit and feel so good about! Shop

Kosher Rating

Our Aloe is Kosher

Halal Rating

Our Aloe is Halal
World’s Largest Aloe Plantation
Nutrients Saved in Under 6 Hours of Harvest
You want only the juiciest nutrient packed aloe leaf.
We use only those for your healthiest tastiest morning drink.
After all who’d want to scarifies quality when it comes to health and putting something inside?!
Not us! Not you! Your body works hard and deserves the best!
Each leaf is identified as mature by our aloe farming experts …
ONLY THEN the leaf is cut carefully by hand
washed to then be quickly expertly filleted by hand to ensure you only get the fresh juicy inner gel that is packed with all the nutrients aloe is known for but in a safe way without harmful aloin.
No Charcoal, No Boiling, No Powdering, No Preservatives!
The pure powerful gel is then treated aseptically in sterile environment to remove microbes that can be harmful for consumption.
All while keeping the aloe gel protected in its raw fresh super food nutrient packed form.
All done in 6 hours of harvesting, this is not what any other aloe companies can say!

Why Not an Aloe Plant Leaf in Store?

See, aloe like many plants has its own protection mechanism. Since it cannot run away to protect itself, it created the amazing power to seal its own cuts. Aloe leaf is able to “eat” its own nutrients to keep itself looking fresh for long after it’s been cut. That comes at a cost — aloe leaf consumes it’s own beneficial nutrients before you even buy it. We save you from that nutrient loss and guess work – with our 1 minute healthy habit aloe you drink is as fresh as possible giving you all of its super-food nutrients, and also no messy cutting work!

For over 40 years getting you those benefits intact …

We rush against the clock to wash, remove the rind of the aloe and extract the gel by hand, and pack via our unique aseptic process so it’s nutrients are not lost on the way to your home. From harvest to ready aloe in under 6 hours!

Quality Standards unlike OTHERS!

Experience the POWER OF ALOE minus all that – No Charcoal, No Boiling, No Powdering, No Preservatives. Each batch pharmaceutical grade tested for potency. We are kept responsible. And you aren’t guessing – you know the bottle is packed with superfood nutrients. Aloe isn’t known for its taste – in fact just the opposite. But we changed that! Our aloe is loved by men and kids alike – it comes with sun ripen peach juice taste as an option! So your 1 minute healthy habit is TASTY too! Original taste also available. Give our aloe dedicated trial. Most people see notable results in 2 weeks some report incredible transformations in 3 months. Start your 1 minute healthy habit!

Next step, simply pick your aloe and we get it shipped to your door. You have nothing to lose as we even have 30 days complete satisfactions guarantee! If you aren’t happy save the empty bottles and we refund you the money! We have kept our promise for over 40 years 150+ countries worldwide and millions of users!

Thank to word of mouth recommendation of customers just like you our aloe drink is now in 150+ countries!

Experience the difference for yourself. Order Yours

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